Sound Map Updates

I’ve finally updated the sound map with the last country from my 6 month trip around Asia, Thailand. There are some really interesting recordings from this part of my trip. Highlights include some awesome gibbon recordings taken during my stay in the Khao Sok National Park. It was also here where I recorded some incredibly intense, and often quite eerie insect choruses. I also recorded a number of tuk tuk journeys, a sound that is unforgettable for anyone who has visited Bangkok. Overall, I found the sonic environment in Thailand to be incredibly rich, in both urban and rural areas.

I also added a couple of recordings I made whilst in the South of France this Christmas. Not far from Avignon, where I was staying, there is a small village called Barbentane. About 2KM away from the village is Frigolet, a rural forest. I wanted to record the birdsong at what I thought would be the best time – early Sunday morning. However, I didn’t realise that this was the time that the hunters are out. So amongst the birdsong, distant gunshots and dog barks can be heard. I also spent a day skiing at Villard de Lans, near Valence and captured the ambiance as I skied down the mountain.

For a full list of sounds that can be listened to, see the table at the bottom of the sound map page.

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